Roman Jewelers

2 weeks


Figma, Wix


UX Researcher, UI Designer





Roman Jewelers is a family-owned jewelry business that specializes in creating custom-made engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry, catering to clients seeking unique and meaningful pieces to celebrate life's special moments. With a focus on innovation and creativity, Roman Jewelers continues to thrive as a trusted destination for those in search of exceptional jewelry pieces that embody elegance and sophistication.

The Problem

Roman Jewelers seeks to modernize its online presence by revamping the look and functionality of its navigation bar. The current design lacks contemporary aesthetics and fails to resonate with the evolving tastes of its target audience. Additionally, it lacks clarity and intuitive organization, leading to user frustration and difficulty in finding desired information or products. A redesign is necessary to streamline navigation, prioritize key content, and guide users effectively through the website, ultimately increasing engagement and driving conversions.

Their wish: A more organized navigation bar that showcases their jewelry to better appeal to modern audiences as well as increase consumer sales.

Market Research

Main Insight Essentials:
  • User Expectations for Modern Design
  • Importance of Clear Navigation
  • Enhanced Visual Engagement

User Interviews

Main Insights
  • Preference for Visual Navigation
  • Desire for Simplified Navigation
  • Efficiency in Navigation


The User Persona

The Problem Statement

Sophia Reed, a busy marketing manager, faces the challenge of finding a unique engagement ring within her limited free time. She feels overwhelmed by the multitude of options available and lacks expertise in jewelry design. To address this, there is a need to provide Sophia with a user-friendly online shopping experience that simplifies the selection process, offers personalized recommendations, and guides her through the customization journey. The solution should prioritize efficiency and convenience, helping Sophia make an informed decision despite her busy schedule.


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Low-Fi Wireframes


Feature Ideation List

User Flow

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